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Long time no post. :O   
05:21am 21/09/2005
mood: sleepy
It's been a while huh? Well yeah, not like anyone missed me but here, take a look at my creative spurt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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What you will find:
Harvest Moon (LJ, AIM, wallpaper, banner, 65x65)
Sailor Moon
Love Witch
Ayumi Hamasaki
Samurai Champloo
Random stuff

Comment and credit :)
And no hotlinking damnit. >\
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Sailor Moon icons   
09:02pm 15/01/2005
mood: cold
Some icons I made while I was stuck off line.

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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne   
02:04am 10/01/2005
mood: accomplished
Wheee, this took a while but I'm happy! Lots of KKJ icons since it happens to be one of my fav anime/manga series. I was bored and fiddling with PSP, trying out different things. So anyway yeah...umm I hope you like. ^^;;

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Carly Corinthos from General Hospital   
11:00pm 07/01/2005
  I posted these in my other journal to get feedback and it was pretty good so I decided to try icon making again so here are my new gems. :D

Credit to hikari_no_icons or usagiwagi
Have fun. :)
04:22am 22/10/2003
mood: accomplished
Yes, I'm finally doing it, making an icon journal! Be afraid, be very afraid!